Las Regiones Naturales de Colombia

Let me tell you a little ’bout me.

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Well, my name is Joseph Palomino, I’m 22 years old, I’m from Colombia, the land of opportunities. We have the deepest blue sky in the world, a sea with seven colors, and the most curious animals, there are so many things to be happy about,  we still don’t know why we have so many problems, how can anyone have problems living in a place like Colombia? I know! it is ridiculous, because we have plenty and still we have nothing, I guess we just need better politicians, they are always stealing our money and selling our land to outsiders, leaving us with nothing but trouble. But that it is another subject that I don’t want to approach, not now.

I suppose, this land had gave to the world good actors, good musicians, amazing writers and great scientists to say the less. I invite YOU to this beautiful place that I live in, hope you can see what I see, everyday.

I created this blog, because someone made me, my instructor or professor, ( I study finances btw ) said I had to create a blog, in that blog I choose to talk about Colombia because it is what I know, well, I was running out of ideas, Why is it so hard to choose a subject in general? and of course I have never wrote about me, and I didn’t know how to create a blog, neither how to write in it, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with this.

I’m one of those persons who hates social media, I’m not on facebook, but I have to create one in order to communicate with my fellow friends, I think this will distract me from other things, and I don’t have time to loose, there is also the language border, I’m a native  speaking a language I don’t own, it is not my first language (you’ll forgive my English, if I’m mistaken sometimes, if you find some inconsistencies you have to excuse me) but I really hope to master English in a few months, I’m passionate about languages, I used to speak french, but I’m out of practice, all I remeber is Je m’appelle tu t’appelles il s’appelle vous… well, not much I guess, so, if you have a question for me, and I’m assuming someone is reading this (doubt it) I will love to answer it, and I would love for someone to teach me how to use this, I’m freaking useless at it.

I would like to ask you this What do you know about Colombia?, good or bad I wanna know, you don’t have to know much, I just want to know if you ever heard the word Colombia What word comes to mind? coffee? Shakira? Sofia Vergara? Juanes? Drug deal? Mule? …I want to know your opinion. I would respect your answer. I’M ALWAYS RESPECTING EVERYONE’S OPINION.

Have a nice day, and I hope to remember I’m blogging now, I’m just so busy, I hope to pass by, maybe, don’t know. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOUR FROM AND WHAT IT IS THE MOST REPRESENTATIVE ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY?



Author: joepalaguirre

Nacido en tierra colombiana, y criado en Colombia. Lastimosamente no hay mucho que decir, soy de pocas palabras y en ocasiones no me gusta hablar. Me cuesta decir muchas cosas y de esas cosas son tantas las que detesto que es muy difícil ocultar el desprecio y la desdicha que llego a sentir. Mi rostro siempre me va a delatar ante cualquier situación.

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